INFINITY CITY is a collaborative exhibition by artists Ann T. Rosenthal and Stephen Moore that explores life in the atomic age. Since 1982, we have been involved in projects that examine the social and personal effects of living in the "shadow of the bomb". We believe the development of this weapon was a monumental event in the history of humankind, and that the stress of living in the atomic age is much underrated.

The initial part of INFINITY CITY, "ANNIVERSARY", commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the detonation of the first atomic device on July 16, 1945. ANNIVERSARY was our response to the atomic sites that we visited, including Trinity Site in New Mexico, Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, and the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State.

The second part of INFINITY CITY, "SHADOW", explores the legacy of atomic development following the end of World War II. SHADOW was shown at the Bellevue (WA) Art Museum in 1997 as part of the "Nuclear Cities" exhibition. INFINITY CITY: SHADOW is comprised of three sections: "No Man's Land: A Nuclear Chronology"; "Phantom State"; and the 'shadows' or profiles, of the first three nuclear weapons: Little Boy, Fat Man, and the Mark 17 hydrogen bomb.

The third part of I NFINITY CITY, "2001", marks milestones of America's nuclear legacy that have anniversaries occurring in this millenial year. Each anniversary is noted with an e-mail edition, which is then posted to the 2001 section of this web site.

This site provides an avenue for exploring INFINITY CITY, and includes additional information and resources for those wanting to learn more about the issues raised by our art. The site also offers visitors the opportunity to express their concerns about these issues: use the Comments link above to send us email. We also invite communities and individuals affected by Hanford to submit information for this web site.

Thank you for visiting. INFINITY CITY is organic, and subject to change as we update the images and text in this on-line exhibition.

Stephen Moore and Ann T. Rosenthal
Pittsburgh PA 2001

All content comprising this site Copyright (C) 2002 by the artists.

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